Dhruv started his robotics journey in 4th grade.

With no team available, after joining in 4-H,

Dhruv started ‘Flexbots’ team in his basement in 2014, with 4 kids in the team.

The team entered as a rookie team at 4-H Illinois State Competition in 2014.

Secured 3rd place in 4-H Illinois State Robotics Competition in 2015





National STEM Award 2022

STEM Pillar Award, 4-H Youth in Action Award


Dhruv won the 2022  4-H National STEM pillar award for local, global STEM education. The 2022 4-H Youth in Action Award for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is sponsored by HughesNet® for his innovation and activism. Using the leadership and problem-solving skills he learned in 4-H, he transformed his interest in STEM into a tool to help other students in Illinois and across the world learn.
“The impact that Dhruv Rebba has demonstrated in his community and globally to advance accessibility to STEM education resources and internet connectivity is admirable,” says Peter Gulla, senior vice president of marketing for HughesNet. “He is the personification of a youth leader who inspires others by his actions.”

4‑H Youth In Action Awards

Illinois teen wins National 4-H award for local, global STEM education activism

NCHS senior earns National STEM award for service work with global impact  




Established After School Robotics Clubs in Elementary Schools


With an aim to provide affordable education, Dhruv initiated two new after school robotics clubs in two local elementary schools, with an impact on more than 100 kids. He taught Lego EV3 Robotics to 3rd-5th graders, with in-depth programming, engineering, problem-solving practices, time-management and teamwork, while engaging them in hands-on learning.


Grove Elementary School’s rookie robotics team participated  for the first time in the state robotics competitions, and achieved ‘Overall Robot Design Award’ and the ‘Champions Award’ in the 2019 Illinois State 4-H STEMBOT Challenge in the Rookie Division!

Grove Elementary School 4-H Robotics Club – 2017
Grove Elementary School 4-H Robotics Club – 2018
Grove Elementary School 4-H Robotics Club – 2019

Vice President - FRC Team MetalCow Robotics

Vice President of FRC Team MetalCow Robotics 4213 which participated in World Championship Competition 2019 at Detroit.  MetalCow Robotics won ‘Engineering Inspiration Award’ at Regionals.  MetalCow placed 4th overall with an outstanding performance rating (OPR) score being #1.  It was a great opportunity to interact with 400+ teams from 37 countries. MetalCow made it to quarter finals.

MetalCow Robotics 4213 is an FRC team consisting of high-schoolers that builds 120-pound robots from scratch to compete against other teams in an annual themed competition. In MetalCow Robotics.

  • Dhruv  coded crucial systems and subsystems for the robot.
  • Instrumental in using Python and Java to code an automated vision tracking system. 
    • Automatically adjusts the robot and/or the turret to target precisely without human interaction.
  • Managed Scouting and Alliance Strategy.
  • Alliance Captain at 2021 R2OC Competition.
  • Worked on implementing new swerve drivetrain on the robot
  • Competed in 2019 World Championships


FIRST National Advocacy Conference

Advocated for FIRST and STEM initiatives

Washington D.C 2019


Using the leadership and problem-solving skills, he transformed his interest in STEM into a tool to help other students in Illinois and across the world learn. Dhruv traveled to Washington DC, and attended a two-day seminar to advocate for the advancement of STEM education for under-served communities, the issues affecting the advancement of minorities and other marginalized people in the STEM fields. 

As part of the National Advocacy Conference for FIRST, Dhruv advocated for increased funding for STEM education at Capitol Hill, Washington DC.  Dhruv specifically advocated for increased funding for Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Title IV Part A and Part B grants. He talked to Senator Dick Durbin, Rep.LaHood, Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, Rep. Davis, as well as former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos about funding and to further the United States’ policy on Science, and Technology. The lawmakers he talked to gained a deeper appreciation for STEM initiatives.


Judging, Summer Camps, Workshops,

Mentoring at Community College, Lunch & Learn Speaker



Heartland Community College Mentor for CTE Class

Career & Technology (CTE)


Heartland Community College Mentor for CTE (Career & Technology Education) 2017 :  Mentoring/teaching for CTE at Heartland Community College through 4-H Robotics by providing workshop learning opportunities and teaching Robotics design and programming where the conference was attended by Heartland students along with Community educators and guidance counselors. CTE prepares individuals for high-skill, in-demand employment that furthers global competitiveness, thus providing a pathway from education to employment.


Lunch & Learn Session Speaker

Normal Community High School (NCHS)


NCHS (Normal Community High School) Lunch & Learn Session Speaker for FRC MetalCow Robotics Team

Delivered a presentation on the importance of joining FIRST MetalCow FRC team and 4-H, and progressing in their career through Robotics. The robotics industry is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, helping learn methodologies around the world.


Summer Camp at Bloomington High School

Build a Bot – 2017


‘Build a Bot’ Summer Camp at Bloomington High School 2017 : Robotics summer camp at McLean County Fair, SIT Conference at Heartland Community College to raise funds for FRC MetalCow Robotics team.


Workshop/Mentoring Israel Students

Friends Forever (FF) – Cata-Bot Workshop 2017


Mentor for Israel Students – Friends Forever (FR) Robotics Workshop : Mentor for 10 Israel students, Cata-Bot workshop at Lincoln College, Normal, IL


Robotics Judge & Secretary at McLean County Fair

McLean County Fair, Bloomington IL


McLean County Fair Judge & Secretary :

Judging for robotics projects, maintaining the records for Comments, Score Sheets, Award Winners, and State Fair Delegates in the Judging Sheets.


4-H Judge since 2017



FIRST Lego League (FLL) Volunteer